The makeup lessons are designed to take your makeup skills to the next level. 

The aim is for students to be able to apply a full face effortlessly and flawlessly.
The lessons come in 3 variations, basic lesson, medium intensity and full on glam day course. 
Each lesson can take up to 8 students. These prices are per person.  We are offering a promotional price for the next month! 



Duration: 2 hours
Price: £200

The basic lesson is a 2-hour power class that will give you:

•    Extended knowledge and clarity on how to use Makeup
•    One main focus point
•    Develop and perfect that particular style or feature you want to focus on

“Medium Intensity”


Duration: 4 hours
Price: £400

The medium intensity is a 4-hour masterclass in:

•    Detail into developing your makeup skills
•    2 focus points.
•    Model will be provided for demonstration
•    You will be working on both your face and the models face, for
more clarity on how to apply makeup.
•    Playing with colours
•    Build up makeup on the face

“Full On Glam Day Course”


Duration: 8 hours
Price: £550 
(promo price from £800)

The aim of the 8-hour lesson is to give you full clarity, insight into
makeup and how to apply it correctly for your face.The day is broken up into 4 parts.


Part 1 (Morning 9 am – 10:30) – Preparing the perfect canvas:

•    This where we all have a quick conversation about skin, finding
out what exact skin type everyone is! (Most important thing about
Makeup and getting flawless results).

•    We will find the right primers for each lady.


Part 2 (Morning 10:30 – 12 pm)

Foundation foundation:

•    We will be finding the perfect foundation for each lady. I will
do a live demonstration and you ladies will do it on yourselves and
then you will be trying it on each other.


12pm LUNCH!


Part 3 (Afternoon 1pm – 2:30)

Brow power!

This is always fun! We will be identifying our natural brow shape,
then I will teach you how to take it to the next level! Give it the
sleek glam look.  You then demonstrate on each other and I will
critique your precision.


Part 4 (Afternoon 2:30 – 5pm)

It’s all in the eyes!!

This is the most fun of the day! We are going to playing with eye
shadows!! We will be taking an everyday natural look in to a sexy
night look. We can also play with colours of your choice!

To add to this everyone attending the Day course will leave with a
start up kit which consists of:

•    A full set of essential make up brushes
•    A pair of Mink eyelashes (can be worn up to 30 times)
•    2 Eyeshadow palettes